Background, Mission and Values

California Applied University is a scholarship-driven online university dedicated to opening access to graduate degrees for busy working adults with limited budgets. Founded by Northern California-based instructional designers and former lecturers, CAU curricula are comparable to other universities, focusing on flexibility, adaptability, compactness, and practicality.



Understanding the high cost of American graduate degrees, California Applied University was founded to provide a solution with affordable Master’s degree programs. Founded in 2023 by a team of instructional designers based in Northern California, we strive to do things differently.

Focusing on hands-on, real-life skills, we provide a solid foundation for career advancement in addition to theoretical frameworks. CAU helps you gain the degree you need for the career you deserve with compact and condensed curricula and flexibility without live class sessions.

Mission and Vision Statement


CAU democratizes higher education, offers accessible quality education to any qualified student, and prepares students to perform hands-on skills and lead globally.


CAU opens new pathways for all students who aspire to grow in their chosen fields with a positive spirit that respects differences, peace, and compassion.

Core Values

Equal Opportunity

CAU is based on the belief that higher education at a minimal cost is a fundamental right of all qualified learners, not just for a privileged few.


CAU holds the highest standards and believes in transparency, honesty, and best practices in learning, teaching, and administration.


CAU provides high-quality online higher education developed to prepare students for the challenges in digitalized contemporary world and the increased demand for hands-on, real-life skills.

Only $475 per degree after 90% Founding Student Scholarship


At the moment, we’re pursuing licensing and institutional memberships from international accreditation bodies for online learning institutions.

Accreditation isn’t mandatory by law, but serves as a quality control for the curricula and administration services.

We expect that we’ll have the institute accredited within 12 months, which allows us to provide the generous Founding Student Scholarship at the moment (90% scholarship).

Once our institute achieves accredited status, the tuition fees might be significantly increased.

California Applied University

Miller Dr., Tustin, CA 92780