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Popular Questions

How long is the program?

For each Master’s degree program, you can complete it in as little as 8 months. You have up to 24 months to finish.

However, if you need more time, contact us. We’d be happy to help with an extension fee of $400 for a 12-month extension.

What are the tuition and fees?

For a limited time, we offer a 90% Founding Student Scholarship, which covers most of the tuition portion. Students only pay $475.

There are no additional fees, like technology and material fees. The tuition fee is one-time and all-inclusive.

How do I pay?

Most likely, you’d need to pay with a credit or debit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex or UnionPay). If it’s not possible, email us for other payment options.

When can I start?

You can start immediately after paying the tuition. It’s an accelerated, fast-track application process that only takes one or two hours to complete.

Can I transfer my credits?

Yes, you can. We accept credits from degree-granting universities and colleges worldwide. However, we need to evaluate your transcripts before accepting them officially.

Do I need to attend live sessions?

No. Our students come from 90 countries with varied time zones. We don’t require any synchronous live meetings. Students can learn from anywhere at any time.

What materials do I get?

You will receive the study modules and reading materials used in each lesson. You don’t need to purchase any textbooks or journal articles.

Will I find online learning difficult?

Most adult learners who have been performing well in their jobs are likely to succeed. As long as you are motivated to jump-start your career and have a designated place to study, you should be able to learn independently.

Tuition Fees and Scholarships

What are the tuition and fees?

For a limited time, we offer a 90% Founding Student Scholarship, which covers most of the tuition portion. Students only pay $475.

There are no additional fees, like technology and material fees. The tuition fee is one-time and all-inclusive.

Can I pay the course fees in installments?
For a 90% scholarship, you can pay either way:

– In full one-time payment of $475, or

– Two installment payments of $300 (in 30 days)

What payment methods does CAU accept?

We accept credit or debit cards (Visa, MC, Amex, and Union Pay). We use Stripe as the payment processor.

Are any other fees involved?

If you have exceeded the completion time of 24 months (732 days), you can pay for a 12-month extension of $400.

Admission and Enrollment

What are the admission criteria?

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited or a state-approved higher education institution or an equivalent from an international university or higher education institution

English proficiency (a native speaker, earned a degree conducted in English, or an acceptable English test score such as TOEFL, TOEIC, Cambridge, IELTS, and Duolingo)

GMAT or GRE score isn’t required

You also don’t need to have any prior professional experience

How does the application process work?

You fill out the Fast Track Application form to apply to the chosen degree program and the scholarship of 90% (The Founding Student Scholarship).

You’d need to prepare:

– Information on educational experiences (university, college, high school, etc.)
– Scanned copy of past degree(s)
– Scanned copy of proof of English efficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, Cambridge, Duolingo, etc.)
– Information on work experiences
– A short letter from you on how your past experiences (both educational and professional) are valuable for your study, your aspirations, and how the study would help with your future decision
– Scanned resume or CV (curriculum vitae)

Next, you’ll wait for the official acceptance via email in a few days (or 1-2 weeks max). After that, you can immediately pay for the tuition and start learning.

Watch the how-to video for applying for the scholarship.


What's the application fee?


When can I start learning?

After acceptance to the program, you can start learning as soon as you pay the tuition.

Can I transfer previous credits?

You can include scanned copies of past transcripts and degrees in the application form. We’ll review them and get back to you after a thorough evaluation.

How to Study Online

How does online learning work at CAU?

You’ll log into an LMS (learning management system) that includes all study materials, quizzes, and exams. You can study anytime and anywhere with a reliable Internet connection and the latest browser version on a laptop or a mobile gadget.

Are there synchronous live classes, like Zoom meetings?

No. All study materials can be accessed at any time without any geographical restriction.

What is the minimum technology required?

You can use a laptop, a desktop computer, a tablet computer, or a smartphone to log into the LMS (learning management system) with a username and password. You can access the materials and learn productively if you have the latest browser.

Examination and Graduation Requirements

What's the examination process?

There are three stages of examination:

1. After completing each lesson, you must complete a quiz. (There are no mid-term and final exams after each “term.”)
2. After completing all lessons in the program, you’ll need to complete the Final Exam (for the degree).
3. Complete the final project.

After completing all the degree requirements, what documents do I receive?

You’ll receive a degree certificate and transcripts of grades in PDF format. Feel free to print them out. If an official print copy is required, we’ll have it prepared for a small fee. 

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